Our Story

Every morning since 1907, in a tradition continued to this day, the ice cream at Morelli's is made fresh in every store. It began in Scotland when Giuseppe and his young son Mario, recently arrived from Southern Italy, set off on their bicycles every morning to sell their ice cream – not returning home until every last scoop was sold out. As their signature gelato grew in popularity, soon the bicycle was replaced with a van and the business grew from strength to strength.

The first Morelli's Ice Cream Parlour in the UK was opened by Mario on the Broadstairs seafront above the picturesque Viking Bay in Kent in 1932. Mario’s son Joe was the first to serve 8 flavours of ice cream following the Parlour upgrade and expansion in 1959, followed by Mario who introduced the first 24 flavour display.

Morelli’s in Broadstairs has, under the guidance of the Morelli family become a Mecca for gelato in the UK - set off by it’s iconic 1950’s flying canopy, Soda Fountain, original Lloyd Loom chairs and pink leatherette parlour seating.

Joe’s son Marino developed Morelli’s into a position where in 2003, he redefined the ice cream parlour at Harrods into Morelli’s, an iconic destination, together with his daughter Bibi.

Bibi has taken the brand on from its roots in the UK with a vision to change the way that the world viewed gelato.

Since then, Morelli’s opened first in the Middle East, Café de Paris in Monaco, then South East Asia, Georgia, Gabon and soon Mexico - she has seen her vision coming to fruition in a global recognition that Morelli’s fresh gelato is something totally different to every day ice cream. To find out more about Morelli's please visit our blog for an in depth account.