Morelli's Gelato Dallas

2604 Oak Lawn Drive
TX 75219

(+1) 214-219-8393

Monday to Wednesday 0730 - 2030
Thursday to Saturday 0730 - 2230
Sunday 0730 - 2030

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About the Store

Our first Morelli's Gelato Express store in Dallas, Texas, exclusively serving our world famous "soft gelato"! Located within the Zaguan Latin Café and Bakery in downtown Dallas, our Italian gelato is a guilt-free way to enjoy 'la dolce vita' as it is lower in calories than traditional ice cream and tastier than frozen yoghurt (at least we think so!) . We have also incorporated the essence of Latin America with our heavenly 'dulce de leche' soft gelato alongside our trademark dairy vanilla, made from our secret family recipe dating back to 1907!

Our creamy and smooth gelato can be enjoyed on its own or combined in one of our delicious takeaway sundaes with a range of fruits, nuts, or other toppings including our decadent chocolate hazelnut sauce.