We, as a family, have been making ice cream for over 100 years. We are a heritage brand, we have years of experience, we know our product inside out. This does not come easily - it has been achieved through generations of hard work, long hours and dedication to a product that we love.

Our great grandfather introduced two Italian experiences to his customers in the UK - one was of course gelato ... and the other one was rich, creamy cappuccino, a virtually unheard-of treat at the time. It was a big hit then and continues to be today, produced using our exclusive family blend.

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So we start with the best gelato possible. 'Gelato' is the Italian word for 'ice cream'. In Italy, ice cream was traditionally made fresh every day, in contrast to industrial mass market ice cream, and was typically milk-based not cream-based.
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Then, rather than limiting our offer to a scoop on a cone, where possible we like to present our product as a sundae dish; served in beautiful Italian glassware, topped with fresh fruit, nuts, sauces, fresh whipped cream, wafers, chocolate and other such toppings. Over 25 Sumptuous Sundaes

Our gift-wrapped litre packs, in any flavour of your choice, can serve 10-12 people and are ideal for dinner parties or as a special gift. They are sold with insulated containers which give you 90 minutes chilled protection. Orders can be placed on site or by phone. Take Morelli's home with you...

For parties, events, weddings, birthdays or any other occasion where ice cream might enhance your day, our ice cream cart (which hails back to our roots when ice cream used to be sold from the back of a bicycle) is available for hire.
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