Morelli’s Gelato at Harrods - Exciting News!!!February 2014

Morelli’s Gelato at Harrods - Exciting News!!!

After 10 fabulous and highly successful years located at Harrods, and after much encouragement from our customers, Morelli's Gelato is now taking our iconic Ice Cream Parlour - which we created in 2003 in its first magnificent form in the Candy Room - on to the streets of London! 1000 pieces of marble hewn in the hills of Italy, formed the cradle in which the finest gelato has been served to a decade of loyal customers. Now, our unique insistence on quality and magic has inspired us to seek out our very own London flagship instead.

Thank you all for your support and kind words - you have been central to our decision to move forwards and we can't wait to open our own doors and welcome you all to the world's best ice cream parlour.... From here we will share the silky swirls of our signature gelato and invite all who glide past to experience what it is to...'Awake the child in you!'

Over the past decade we have taken Morelli's Gelato to the world … the spectacular Café de Paris in Monte Carlo … the incredible Dubai Mall .. the mall metropolis of Manila .. the energy of Malaysia's Kuala Lumpur … in addition to Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Dallas and in the coming months Georgia and Gabon … with more exotic and romantic places still to come . Whilst taking Italy’s most delicious signature across the oceans we have of course invited those for whom the English seaside is synonymous with summer … to dwell a while at Morelli's, Broadstairs, where we established our roots in 1932. As the English seaside has enjoyed it’s renaissance, so have we continued to define childhood and it’s carefree flavours...

While we evolve and grow - we hope that all of our wonderful customers who have been so gracious to us over the years – will come and find us in London …. and other far away places...!

We will let you know when our own London store opens later this this space for news!!